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Keep your building safe and secure with 9k series locksets

30th Apr 2019

High security locking systems have become an indispensable necessity for commercial and industrial facilities. For avoiding unwanted intrusions and keeping burglars at a bay, you need to invest in tough, dependable, and long-lasting security solutions. This will allow you to safeguard expensive equipment and prevent slipping of confidential documents into wrong hands.

Relying on generic lock designs can get you into trouble. The mechanical key systems of basic locks are easy to duplicate, which makes them highly unreliable. It is always better to opt for patented high-security keying options rather than investing in conventional ones with restricted access.  Best 9K Series Cylindrical Locks are a great option for those who do not want to deal with the hassles of unwarranted access by picking or duplicating. These locks have proven reliability, long-term durability, easy retrofit, and can be installed in any facility. This series offer the following lock function options:-

  • Entrance

Best 9K Series Cylindrical Locks are highly suited for building entrance doors. In these locks, the latch is operated by a key when the outer lever is in locked position. The key is only for locking/unlocking the outside lever since the inner lever always stays free. Security issues can be resolved to a great extent with these locks.

  • Storeroom

The 9k series locksets are suitable for storeroom installations. In these locks, the inner lever is always operable and the outer lever is highly rigid. In order to retract the latch, a key is to be inserted in the outside trim.

  • Classroom

In classroom lock functions, the outer lever can be locked or unlocked with a key as per the requirements. Unlike entrance doors functions, these do not come with additional buttons on the inside.

Best Door Hardware is a dedicated supplier of high-quality commercial hinges, locks, closer, trims, panic devices, and other auxiliary hardware items. If you are looking for the Best 9k series lock-set, Best Door Hardware is a good way to go.