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Stanley Door Closers - Secure, Functional, and Easy to Maintain

10th Oct 2018

Door closers are amongst the most important door hardwares in commercial buildings. In simple terms, they allow automatic closure of doors after they are manually opened. The purpose they serve makes it all the more important for commercial and industrial settings to look for heavy duty commercial door closers that are both versatile and durable. Well, these are not the only qualities that you need to look for in door closers. They should have a sturdy construction, features that make them ideal for retrofit jobs, and provide options that most industrial and commercial markets demand.

Now, as you start your search for the best commercial door closers for your building, you will come across several reputable manufacturers. Your decision of favoring one name over the other should be based on established reasons. Stanley door closers are often the best choice - whatever reasons you are basing your decision on.

The best thing about buying Stanley door closers for sale is that there are different varieties available for different commercial and industrial applications. Stanley Heavy Duty Grade 1 Door Closers are ideal for high-use areas where aesthetics and security can never be compromised. These closers feature a slim design that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are flexible and ADA compliant.

You can choose any type of Stanley door closers and expect the same durable construction and high-performance from all of them. If you chose any other company, you can’t expect this consistency in quality and performance from all their products. This is what separates Stanley from all the other companies out there.

All Stanley products, including door closers, are designed to be functional, secure, and easy to maintain.